Year in pictures week 1

#yearinpictures A family friend takes a picture every day of the year as a type of photo diary of family life. Angie isn’t sure if I can do it. We thought this was a really cool idea, so here we go!

Dusting of snow

First day of the year got a slight dusting of snow.

Whole lot of reading going on!

Walked in on a group of readers!

No more baby bed…

Angie broke down the baby bed and put it outside. It lasted through 6 babies and was in or bedroom other than a short couple stents where we used it as a toddler bed. Angie was upset that it’s gone and that chapter of our life is over.

Alice’s NICU bracelet

Up with the sun

Angie and I woke up with the sun and exercised this morning.

Hosanna “misses” daddy at work.

Second day back at work, second day Hosanna hanging out with me in the office. Guess I’m not the only one that is not liking me being stuck in the office.

Patiently waiting

Hungry for lunch! Hosanna is patiently waiting for lunch to come out of the oven.

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