Year in pictures – week 2


A boatload of books

Getting ready for dinner dad found that Neb’s bed was covered in books. He really struggles to get them back to the book shelf and had to make more than one trip.

Stealing covers… From the top bunk!

Was making the morning rounds to get everyone out of bed and Audrey had the start of a second blanket on her.

My baby girl aced the written drivers test!

Made over a 90 % on the written test!

Learners permit achievement unlocked!

DMV was too busy to get the learners permit the same day so had to go back the next day.

Henry (the rooster) is in the dog house.

Went out to lock up the chickens and found Henry our roster with his head between the girls. Maybe he forgot to take out the trash? Or maybe an adversary?

Fashion show!

Audrey and Hosanna were playing fashion dress up. Dad wasn’t invited to the show =(

Friday night dessert – chocolate chip cookies

Our youngest and oldest making chocolate chip cookies.

Almost like they love each other

Saturday the snow melted off, Neb and John played outside most the afternoon. Looked out the door to see them hanging over the railing… Almost like they love each other.

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