#YearInPictures – Week 5

Alice trying on Kaylee’s glasses. “I’m Mommy Toottoot!” She says. (Toottoot is Kaylee’s nickname.)
They wanted to help Daddy smoke tenderloin. It turned into a love-fest.
More loving! This is one rare moment.
Helping Mommy with lunch! Mommy rolls, Alice lines ’em up.
The icy cold weather brought the dogs in. We allowed them some more freedom than usual.
More sitting on laps! John just came up and sat on Mommy’s lap. Neb and Alice followed.
Our new church has a stray. He liked the love, didn’t want Kaylee to leave. Even tried getting into the car with us!

1 thought on “#YearInPictures – Week 5”

  1. Kaylee Hall says:

    Well we got this far. I’ve begun taking over the website, but #YearInPictures has kinda plopped. We liked the idea, but we just forgot to keep up the pictures. To make up for this, at the end of the year, I’ll make a video of pictures, and clips of 2021.
    Hopefully next year we might get back into it.

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