Broody Hen Hatched 3 Eggs – Abandoned 5 – Can We Save Them? 🐤

Momma chicken hatched out 3 of her eggs, but abandoned 5 of them, and we do not own an incubator! Will we be able to save them? We had put her into a large have-a-heart trap in the chicken-coop, and she had 3 of them hatched out – waiting on the rest. It didn’t take long and one of the babies were through the trap wire and could not get back to momma!

Had to act quick because not being by her chick upsets her, so we moved her to the pallet brooder we had made along with her chicks and eggs. Problem is, she stopped sitting on the other eggs!

Dad managed to throw together a southern engineered incubator with a heat lamp, large glass bowl with water in the bottom, trivet, a smaller lid, and a meat thermometer. He had his doubts but it was the best we could do.

We will defiantly get an incubator to hatch chicken eggs outside of needing a broody hen, or to save any babies if this happens again.

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